Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Georgia Gas Freakout

Apparently no one told me the rumors that the gas stations were
closing at 4 pm and would be closed all weekend.

I was driving home and couldn't believe the lines at the gas stations.
Probably took me an extra 20 minutes to get around the backed up
traffic. Saw one station raising the prices to $3.39 for 87 octane.
Thought to myself "what, did I miss the memo about gas prices going up
and everyone was supposed to buy gas right now?" Get home and THEWIFE
says the news is reporting the main gas pipes for the Southeast were broken.

Oh well. Did the usual stuff with THEKID, fixed dinner, etc. Played
music, watched the Muppet Show, so didn't hear any news. Get THEKID to
bed and since THEWIFE said she had less than a quarter tank, I wen out to check out the situation - 8:30pm. First couple stations were backed up a little, not too bad, and a third had closed the pumps.

Listening to WSB radio, they said a panic had been started by the rumor above
and gas prices were up to $5-6/gallon in places. Also reported fuel
should be flowing by the weekend, the governor had stepped in to freeze prices, and if gas stations ran dry it was because of a panic run, not
that Georgia was running out of gas. Pulled into the Shell station with
one car ahead of me. The 87 octane was dry, but 89 was fine and at
$2.99/gallon not that much expensive than this morning.

So did anyone else get caught on the freakout or see insane pricing?

Check out Atlanta Gas Prices.

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