Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So that's how this works.

Ken Lane, editor at Sploid and frontman for the bluesy Ken Layne and the Corvids wrote a book back in 2001. Funny book, as it depicts the exuberance over internet publishing and reflects current media disdain over blogging. For some weird reason, it was only published in Australia. A couple years back Mr. Layne offered up a batch for sale and I grabbed one.

The book is Dot.Con. While this excerpt does not fully display the humor of the book, it does sound like what I’m doing here.

It also reminds me of the Pajamas Media conversations.


Five years late, Larry jumped on the Web-site bandwagon. He dialled up, opened Internet Explorer and searched Yahoo for ‘Web site tutotial’. Hundreds of matches. He scrolled through a few pages and selected something called The Moron’s Guide to Building Web Sites. It was nothing but a rant by an illiterate Web designer fromm Stanford, ut one sentence caught his eye:

‘In a age when any stupid looser can hit “save as html” in microshaft word and post there web site, good designs are in short supplies’.

Save as HTML, eh? Larry mumbled. He clicked Word and opened the Sanders propaganda. Sure enough, he could Save as HTML. How easy is that? The computer moron was right about something.

The document was now a Web page. He went back to the Web browser, opened the file, and laughed. This is how people got rich?


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