Monday, September 26, 2005


Arrested Development is the funniest show on television. Possibly ever. The only other show I can think of that comes close is Fawlty Towers and AD has aired at least three times the amount of shows John Cleese did. The problem is NO ONE IS WATCHING. But we handful of viewers are the beneficiaries of this. I'm convinced the writers have stopped caring; not in a bad way, though. My thoughts are everyone involved was pleased as could be to get two seasons; however, no amount of praise can keep it on the air much longer. Therefore, the writers have gone full-blown gonzo and are throwing some of the most improbable stories, with some of the skankiest - and funniest - humor ever to grace the airwaves, much less the "family hour" Fox schedules it for. I have not a clue where this "wee Britain" and the British spy thing is going, other than being unforgettable.

Did you not see everyone doing their own version of the chicken dance? No talking nonsense in front of Bob Loblaw? Mr gay is bleeding? You're a regular Brad Garrett? Washing the hand with the pots and pans? The I'm Oscar website? Merry Poppuns?

No? Bah.

Michael:Maybe it's love you feel.
Gob:Don't be silly Michael, I know what an erection feels like.

Jaime Weinman discusses why My Name is Earl will be be more popular than Arrested Development:
So here we have a great but unpopular show, "Arrested Development," and a new show that seems to be doing some of the same things but achieving more success with the public. So the interesting question, and one that the networks are going to be asking if "Earl" becomes a big hit, is what does "Earl" have that the other quirky dysfunctional one-camera (or in "Arrested Development"'s case, two-camera) sitcoms don't?


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