Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Kwanzaa story

Tiffany Cochran is a news reader in for the Atlanta NBC affliate. I don't remember why, but we used to watch their morning news, until Tiffany uttered one too many stupidities. We left at least 5 (6, 7?) years ago and haven't watched the news on that station since.

According to her bio, she had 6 years of broadcast experience before showing up at WXIA. You couldn't tell. She was one of the worst readers I'd ever seen. Stumbling, mush-mouthed, never knew where to look, and her copy was written for dumb second graders. We would watch just to laugh. I've seen better newscasters in West Virginia holding their copy in front of their faces.

Back to Kwanzaa. For the sake of argument, let's say it was "Kuumba," day 7. Here is Tiffany's transgression:
Today is Kuuma, which in African means...

I never heard how she finished her sentence because I was too busy yelling at the television. Did she really just call African a language? Yep, that is just too ignorant for air. It's a huge freakin' continent, with many countries and many languages. For the record, Tiff, the language you were looking for is Swahili.

In the scheme of things, it probably isn't that big a deal, just consider it the straw that broke the camels back. Either Tiffany is that dumb or the station thinks its viewers are that dumb. Either way, they've lost me as a news viewer forever.

Not that it's relevant - just kind of interesting - she is Johnnie Cochran's daughter.


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