Sunday, January 15, 2006

Football highlights

Wherein I barely mention the dichotomy of a sport that breeds freekishly large humans for violen contact yet wussifies them by using pads and helmets

Manchester United V. Burton Albion
Played earlier in the week, Fox Sportsworld aired it Saturday morning. Burton held off the superior Man U and outplayed them most of the game, earning a draw. The replay is Wednesday and Fox sportsworld will have it live at 3pm EST.

The FA Cup pits all professional English football teams in a giant slagheap of a tournament. Like the good old days of the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament, when the smallest backwater Iron Range school had the chance to knock off the Edina's. This is what we had with Burton going up against one of the elite club teams of the world-Man U.

How different are they? Well, the game was played at the Burton stadium, with a capacity crowd of just over 6,000. The replay will be at Manchester United's Old Trafford, one of the truly grand stadiums in the world, seats 68,000.

Arsenal V. Middlesbrough
In a regular EPL match, Arsenal raped, pillaged, and plundered Middlesbrough to the score of 7-0. And it could have been much worse. Without a few fine saves - most of the Middlesbrough teaam rolled over, leaving the keeper to survive on his own - and a couple spectacular misses, this easily could have been 12-0.

Usually blowouts aren't worth watching, but this one was just for the brilliance and artistry of Thierry Henry. The guy is scary good.

That other football
Caught a couple minutes of that other football. The one created by overprotective mommies wrapping their precious spawn in miles of safety gear. The one that stops play every 7 seconds so the coronary-in-waiting lardasses can catch their breath. Yeah, that one.

Just have to say: Worst. Interference. Call. Ever.

Then I dozed off out of boredom.


Blogger Pooh said...

Being a Pats and an MUFC fan, yesterday was distinctly non-bien for me...

Someone needs to tell Fergie that Darren Fletcher is not as good as Fergie thinks he is...

1/15/2006 11:26:00 PM  

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