Sunday, January 29, 2006

No pictures please

Wherein I wonder if the text works on its own

Is Dennis the Menace still published in newspapers? Skipping that, does anyone remember the strip enough to just read the captions and still be able to picture the art?

I have a collection from 1966, Dennis the Menace...Here Comes Trouble, original price was 40 cents. I'll pull a few captions and we'll see what works.
  • Now we'll NEVER know how long it takes a snail to crawl from the kitchen to the livin' room!
  • Operator, so you know any other little boys who feel like talking?
  • I never saw my mom so mad. I thought she was going to jump out of the tub and spank all of us.
  • Gee, mom, you sure look weak without make-up.
  • If we'd all go to bed when I do, you wouldn't have such a big electric bill.
  • Remember how you say 'wow' when you look at the thermometer, dad? It's way below wow this morning!


Blogger Lord Floppington said...

I haven't read Dennis for years, but I think I can picture all of them except mom looking weak without make-up. That one I don't get at all.

And mom in the tub ready to give out spankings makes me picture something that I'm sure was NOT in the comic. Dang she was cute.

1/30/2006 08:18:00 PM  
Blogger Lord Floppington said...

So were you thinking of putting up the art in a couple of days? Should people be describing their guesses? Maybe people should email you their guesses, and you could announce who was closest. I'm sure we're all comfortable working within the confines of the honor system.

1/30/2006 08:28:00 PM  
Blogger bill said...

Agreed. Looks like she mainly wore a knee length skirt with the same white blouse and a white tie thingy. But every now and then, ole Hank would slip her into something slinky or a day at the beach would reveal quite the traffic stopping figure.

...thumbing through again - here she is in an off-the-shoulder form-fitting sweater shirt. Dang. Now there's a pop culture riff Lileks has ignored - the CILF.

The one you can't picture, she's in sick in bed with the covers pulled up to her nose.

1/30/2006 08:30:00 PM  

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