Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Katrina victim: Marisol is closing

Wherein I am truly sad I never made it to Marisol, but hope to one day be able to eat a Chef Pete meal

What happened:
"What happened at Marisol and when will you re-open" is a question we hear on a daily basis. Sadly, the answer now is "Never."

The first part of the question is easy to answer, albeit a bit gruesome. All of the beautiful trees in the patio were blown down. Some of them smashed part of the roof and a couple of outbuildings. The mountains of wonderful foods that were waiting to be served at our Annual Fungus Fest turned into a river of virulent ooze and have contaminated large sections of the building, including all the refrigerators. Insects and wild animals burrowed in to create even more havoc. And if that weren't enough, we were burglarized, to boot.

Addendum: As of February 27, still no settlement from the insurance company. We cannot re-open without funds, and we cannot occupy a rented building without paying rent. We have been put out of business by our insurance company. Goodbye, friends.

And in email, they provide some information on what their former crew is up to:
There is life after Marisol and I will continue to keep
you posted about Chef Pete's whereabouts as well as
other Marisol alumni.

Chef Pete at Bacchanal: This Sunday, March 5 at
sundown. Latino & Mexicano foods, live music, and
lots of fine wines from Bacchanal's proprietor Chris
Rudge. Call Chris for more info at 948-9111.

Need Fencing, Roofing, or Tree Removal? Former
Marisol cook, Matt Schreiber does it all and does it
really well. Call Matt at his construction
business "Tomahawk Fencing" for quality work and
friendly service. 274-8437

Going to New York? Visit our former sous chef Simon
Glenn at Night and Day Restaurant in the Park Slope
section of Brooklyn, 230 Fifth Avenue at President
Street. For reservations, call (718) 399-2161

Fine Photography from Jose' Fernandes, waiter
extraordinaire, can be found by contacting him
through his website: www.ozepa.com

formerly at 437 Esplanade Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116


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