Friday, September 22, 2006

An intriguing search and a bafflingly result

Wherein now I'm curious and would like to know if there's an answer

For some unkown reason, sends a lot of search results my way. Then most of the posts linked to have nothing to do with the search query. Here's my new favorite:

Did 16th century london architecture slant out or was it straight

As of this writing, So Quoted is listed sixth. I'm sorry, anonymous person searching from the Janesville School District in Madison, WS. Not my fault you chose a crappy search engine.

I suggest researching Christopher Wren. He's actually 17th century, but oversaw much of the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire, which destroyed most of the 16th century architecture. I doubt the slantiness of the buildings affected their ability to survive a fire.


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