Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Would you like that alphabetical, chronological, or in order or importance?

Wherein yes it's a year old; sue me, I just found it

Perhaps you would like to insult someone other than Tim McCarver. I suppose, if that's what you choose to do with your breath.... To help you out, here's a listing of the worst announcers. The Road From Bristol, is a 32-man tournament to determine the worst announcer. In an earlier, ESPN only tournament, Stuart Scott beat Skip Bayless for the championship.

Looks like there should be a single page with links, but I can't get it to work. So I'll just link to all the matchups and results. Some good stuff here, someone should mirror it.
  1. Announcing the field
  2. Play-In Game (All Gumbel Edition)
  3. Results
  4. First Round Game: Tim McCarver vs. Dan Marino
  5. First Round Game: Billy Packer vs. Jeanne Zelasko
  6. Results
  7. Terry Bradshaw vs. Troy Aikman
  8. John Madden vs. Charles Barkley
  9. Results
  10. Don Sutton vs. Chip Caray (Special All-Braves matchup)
  11. Hubie Brown vs. Bob Costas
  12. Results
  13. Craig Sager vs. Steve Lyons
  14. Jimmy Johnson vs. John Salley
  15. Results
  16. Tim Brando vs. Rob Dibble
  17. Joe Buck vs. Bill Raftery
  18. Results
  19. Howie Long vs. Kenny Smith
  20. Magic Johnson vs. Todd Blackledge
  21. Results
  22. Jim Nantz vs. John McEnroe
  23. Cris Collinsworth vs. Kevin Kennedy
  24. Results
  25. Hawk Harrelson vs. Seth Davis
  26. Tony Siragusa vs. Bryant Gumbel
  27. Results
  28. Round 2: Terry Bradshaw vs. Hubie Brown
  29. Round 2: Billy Packer vs. John Madden
  30. Round 2: Tim McCarver vs. Jimmy Johnson
  31. Round 2: Special all-legacy edition: Joe Buck vs. Chip Caray
  32. Round 2: Magic Johnson vs. Kevin Kennedy
  33. Round 2: Tony Siragusa vs. Howie Long
  34. Results: Bradshaw & Packer
  35. Round 2: Hawk Harrelson vs. Steve Lyons
  36. Round 2: Jim Nantz vs. Rob Dibble
  37. Results: McCarver, Caray, Johnson, Siragusa
  38. Results: Harrelson, Dibble
  39. Round 3: Tony Siragusa vs. Chip Caray
  40. Round 3: Billy Packer vs. Rob Dibble
  41. Round 3: Tim McCarver vs. Terry Bradshaw
  42. Round 3: Hawk Harrelson vs. Magic Johnson
  43. Results: Siragusa, Packer
  44. Results: McCarver, Harrelson
  45. Semis: Hawk Harrelson vs. Tony Siragusa
  46. Semis: Tim McCarver vs. Billy Packer
  47. Results: McCarver, Harrelson
  48. Championship: Tim McCarver vs. Hawk Harrelson
  49. Ladies and Gentlemen, Our Champion


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