Thursday, September 13, 2007

Savvy marketing or proof that Microsoft is desperate?

Wherein I'm thinking Office 2007 isn't selling so well

[update: speaking of savvy marketing, don't miss the rapping MS DOS 5]

At the mothership I spend a lot of time using Microsoft Office 2003 products. Trying to figure out a task I open up the help, type in some key words, and see what happens. The answer wasn't exactly what I was looking for so I clicked See Also; here are the choices I was given:
  • Buy the 2007 Microsoft Office System
  • Free trial of the 2007 Microsoft Office System

I guess in lieu of being able to answer my query they'd be more than happy to upgrade my software. Very odd. I started opening other applications and choosing help topics at random. Every single one was pimping Office 2007.

Since I led with my conclusions, I'll end with some screen shots.


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