Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Wherein yes there will be a Thursday challenge at that other website

I knew Ken was going to do this and it is just wrong:
What two neighboring beaches in Rio de Janeiro each inspired hit songs, one in 1963 and one in 1978? "The Girl from Ipanema" and "Copacabana" are both names that originated with Brazilian beaches.

The key word in the clue should be "inspired." Barry Manilow's hit was not inspired by a Brazilian beach, it was about the nightclub. I don't care if the nightclub borrowed the name from the beach, that wasn't the question asked. Grrr.

this week:

1. I have no idea what he's talking about.
2. don't know
3. head
4. don't know
5. One of the guys who died on the launch pad? Can't think of their names.
6. Who is Rihanna?
7. Atchison, Istanbul, and Aruba are all in songs, but that isn't unique.


Blogger Icepick said...

Can't think of their names.

Grissom, White & Chaffee, if memory serves.

11/28/2007 04:04:00 PM  

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