Saturday, February 02, 2008

Big game Sunday? Huh?

Wherein color me befuddled*

Without checking to see what the Fox Soccer Channel will be showing, just looking at the Premier League Fixtures doesn't really offer a compelling matchup. Maybe Blackburn and Everton or Manchester City and Arsenal could be good. Probably some good soccer,** though nothing that compells me to buy an expensive import beer and drink it at 10am. Anyway, those are on Saturday and I already have ballet and a puppet show scheduled. Sunday's games are blah and I think I'm doing laundry.

However, there is a really big game on the horizon -- February 16, Manchester United and Arsenal meet in the 5th round of the FA Cup. Currently, they're the top two teams in the Premier League. That's worthy of heading off to one of the soccer pubs and watching it with a bunch of crybaby Englishmen. Because if someone loses, there is guaranteed to be crying.

*I'm going with the New England Criminals in a rout. Sounds like we might watch part of the game with some friends, one of whom is from New York and probably a Giants fan. So I'd have to root for the Patriots anyway because I just don't care. Might be worth it to buy a Patriots jersey and a giant foam finger to be as annoying as possible.

**This blog is written in the good ol' USofA where we say soccer, not football; field, not pitch; elevator, not lift; and pants are not underwear.


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