Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She also urinated in the back of the patrol car

Wherein sounds like the cyclist will be fine so I'm ok commenting that this sounds like a Will Ferrell movie

probably under the influence of a lot of stuff
The children in Highfield's car told police that she was driving north when she turned to them and said: "Do you think this biker is going to get hit? Do you have faith? Are you afraid?" They said she then steered her SUV across the road and struck 55-year-old Cathy Giury riding a bicycle.

When a couple in a van stopped to see if the bicyclist needed help, Highfield allegedly got out of her vehicle, jumped into the van yelling that she was going to jail, ordering the man behind the wheel to drive her away. Police were told than when the driver refused, she got out, took off her clothes and began running around.


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