Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why am I doing this?

Wherein I have no what the point of this is

Michael Wilbon chat:
DC: Can you explain what happened to [Jay] Mariotti in chicago?
Michael Wilbon: No, it's too involved. Just google his name and look back at it. It's amazing and complex and ridiculously overly dramatic...It's fun.

Fun? I'm up for fun. All I know is Jay Mariotti is a sports columnist. I think I've seen him screaming at other sports reporters on ESPN. Let me check out this google thing Wilbon mentions.
[8 minutes of elevator music]
He quit his job with the Chicago Sun-Times, claims newspapers are a dying business, and people don't like him.
Amazing? No.
Complex? No.
Ridiculously overly dramatic? If we can strike ridiculously, I'll compromise with just overly dramatic.
It's fun? No. It should've been. Loud-mouth jerk quits long-time job in a loud-mouth jerky way? That has trainwreck rubbernecking written all over it. But there's nothing new or entertaining in this story.


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