Sunday, October 05, 2008

The carpet is into rest

Wherein working the iPod like the Zapruder film

In recent years, one of my favorite songs is Corporate Logic, by Stereoliza (see earlier mention). Though its lyrics are English, the Ukranian accent is so strong I've never been sure what she's singing. I just like the sound of it and the use of the banjo -- not utilized enough in hip hop music. Not wanting to make better use of my time, I've decided to transcribe the lyrics so I can sing along. More work than I wanted, this is only complete through the first chorus, up to the 1:28 mark.
Our a company was just starting a deal
When you're talking to my boss how a me lady steal
Lots of plastic candy dates and some sprinkle covision
Some selection process gonna go decision

My 16 is good Borscht decision take
And I'm ready to start money makin'
My stumbles gonna start introducin' me my job

Another bitch in the house
when Nanny Nan's baby pause

Shut up Shit I just looked to myself
I'm Lady Steel I'll give you hell

She went on to explain what it up with comma stream
Said that introducing Company Steam

Yo! Nice to meet you Mr. Lo
Mr. T. in Toady Boy

I knew the odds in me dogs in spite all their breath
I had to get to my weeds work

One producer that chintz a body body
A zit and now'dya see it and spits a real dude

And the carpet is into rest
The carpet is into rest

Me so tickles the feet toady Brussels
and bid did ya see it and spit a real dude

And the carpet is into rest
The carpet is into rest


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