Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whaddya think?

Wherein who is Red Nichols

I'm ripping the original soundtrack for the movie "The Five Pennies" -- also available on iTunes, though unlike the aborted "Music Man" the vinyl is of good enough quality to continue (this refers to a previous chapter of soquoted and since I assume all of you are reading along I shan't explain further) -- and it occurs to me that Louis Armstrong is reminding me of someone.

For the Louis Armstrong biopic, I suggest Tracy Morgan

I think he has the dramatic chops for it, just consider the following movies:

What Dat Ninja?
Black Cop/White Cop
Black Cavemen
Honky Grandma be Trippin'
President Homeboy
Fat Bitch
Samurai I am Awry
Death Bank

Here's the trailer for his Thomas Jefferson movie,


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