Monday, June 01, 2009

One thru seven

Wherein from last week

1. Yellow
2. Elephant inseminator
3. The one with the Indians -- Dancing With Wolves
4. underwear (probably Fruit of the Loom) -- BVDs
5. Hubble
6. Sikh
7. KC was loosely based on a nonfiction book with voiceover from the
main character and pseudo-author. Don't recall if Johnboy was based on a
real character, but VO is adult author retelling his upbringing. Trapper
John is a reinvention from an earlier series, also based on a novel
loosely based on actual events; don't remember a voiceover. Of the
others, the only one I've seen is 30S and I don't see a connection.
Working wiki, OaA used a character, and the same actor, from 30S. Guess
I have nothing.

(By the way, KC is an excellent series canceled after 3 episodes. Go
watch it on Hulu, it's better than most of the series on now.)


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