Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Wherein cough cough cough cough

1. He's also the founding father of the quesadilla. But that has nothing to do with the Philippines.

2. vowel. Oops, overshot a bit.

3. Sounds familiar, pretty sure I read an article about him in the New York Times and the answer is David Bowie. Article

4. No idea. But it is becoming annoyingly difficult to find manual drive cars. Looking for a specific model the dealer said (rolls eyes) there were only two in the state. It would take a couple days to get one here, but but but there's an automatic on the lot for just $700 more. No thanks, I said. The Wife had stepped away with The Child, so when she came back he repeated the story; for some reason thinking *I* was the dumbass for wanting a stick shift and *she* would override my skinflint ways and jump at the bargain. Instead, she laughed in and at his face. Good times. We left and two hours later got a call that instead of two days the car would be there in an hour (rolls eyes).

5. The nonpregnant Manny Ramirez?

6. Polar bear. Heh, feel free to imagine along as I think of possible rebuses for a Klondike bar.

7. Like the Wicked Witch of the East, the villains are not only merely dead, they're really most sincerely dead.


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