Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maybe this one will be posted in a timely manner

Wherein total time spent was 83 seconds

1. Cloud
2. The guy who couldn't carry Leno's jock strap, Conan O'Brien
3. Al Kooper
4. time zones
5. How to train your dragon. Excellent movie, by the way.
6. Andre the Giant? But 1978 seems a little late for that. Probably some other, younger, wrassler.
7. Dead skunk in the middle of the road


Blogger XWL said...

3. I'd go Winston Churchill instead. Title paraphrased from his speech after replacing Neville "Mr. Appeasement" Chamberlain as Prime Minister. A speech that I can't imagine any modern politician even coming close to offering.

5. Indeed, good film, though by now the 'girl who is tougher than any of the guys' trope is so common in kiddie pictures that it would be nice to see a 'girlie girl' girl for a change.

6. Given that Lou was the Hulk at the time, and Andre had begun wrestling in the 60s I think, I'd guess Hulk Hogan.

4/14/2010 01:45:00 AM  

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