Monday, March 19, 2012

This is what it sounds like when vegetarians eat meat

Wherein Dig if you will a dinner of you and I engaged in a mixed combo 2 meat plate with BBQ beans and chunky mayonnaise potato salad

The Guardian's Music Weekly traveled to SXSW for the latest podcast. Overall, a nice report. My favorite bit was this exchange with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek about eating BBQ.

Rebecca Nicholson.: And any kind of cocktail, BBQ tips that we should be aware of?

Caroline Polachek: Oh man. We went to a place yesterday, kind of off the strip called Ruby's. I thought it was Rudy's until we showed up. I'm a vegetarian and I broke vegetarianism for Ruby's. Yeah.

Rebecca Nicholson.: What did you have?

Caroline Polachek: I had a brisket plate, which was absolutely divine. The meat was kind of like, it's almost blackened on the outside, so you get these different layers of taste. There's like the crunchy outer core, then there's the fat, which is almost like the sauce that comes built into the meat. And then the inside which was really sweet and smokey.

Oh man. I could tell you about this meal for like 10 minutes. It was so good. [said with a wistfully lustful tone in her voice -- bill.]

Rebecca Nicholson.: Was it worth breaking your vegetarianism for?

Caroline Polachek: It was. It was actually at a BBQ shack that I broke vegetarianism for like 2 years, awhile ago. But now I'm back on it.

Rebecca Nicholson.: This place is lethal. Totally lethal.

Caroline Polachek: Mostly to cows.


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