Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's always funny when your friends get hurt

Hog On Ice asks Seriously, do you have any idea how boring life would be without men?

Let me list a few of the more amusing things I’ve seen men do at the video sites.

3. Skateboarding off of the same building over and over until you break your leg. Lay people have some funny ideas about physics, and one of them is that as long as you’re going forward, falling doesn’t hurt. No, dude, you’re still falling. The only difference is that after you fall, you will skid for some distance on your face.

4. Trying to skateboard sideways down a steel handrail until you fall and crush your testicles. And of course, your friends make sure the video gets wide exposure. If you are male, any time you damage your genitalia on video, you can expect your friends to help you get the publicity you deserve.


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