Tuesday, August 23, 2005

That's so 2001

Althouse discusses the marketing of Constant Gardener.

File this under “everything old is new again. See this 4-year-old story about the spiral marketing of Speilberg’s AI.

Here’s a new one they could have mentioned, Blowing Smoke. You can download it or buy the DVD. They’ve also hired one of the funniest people on the internet to run the blog - Jim Treacher.

My good friend, writer & director James Orr (Three Men and a Baby, Father of the Bride, Mr. Destiny), did an amazing job directing my movie despite all the limitations imposed on him, from budget restraints to tight deadlines. So having done all that, getting good people on my side working with me, I didn't want to become a slave to anyone. I didn't want to wait for my movie to travel up the long and tedious chain of command until someone finally made a decision to release it.

Instead, I decided to make movie history, or make the current movie distribution history (who knows?), by releasing Blowing Smoke on this blog.

For the record, this isn’t link-whoring. I have no connection with the movie and the trailer doesn’t much interest me.


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