Friday, August 26, 2005

Midwestern nannery

The scoldish Ms Althouse wishes males would cover up

Um. no.

It’s Atlanta, and the heat index is 109 (like wind chill, but hot, for you cold people), I’m wearing shorts and still turning into a ball of sweat when I step outside at 6am. For casual long wear, I’ll wear some nice light khakis, but no jeans from May-October; to paraphrase Cole Porter, “it’s too damn hot.”

Wear linen. Hey, I love linen, it feels great. Looks nice too, until you sit down.

Personally, I have two clothing taboos:

1. Socks with sandals. You could cure cancer and still I’m thinking “retard.”

2. Girls with words across their shorts. Usually drawing attention to an ass you do not wish to have your attention drawn towards. And, if I may ask, as a father of an almost 4-year-old girl, when I can expect female fashions to move away from cheap whoredom? Could y’all quit worrying about knobby knees and get to work on the epidemic of skankdom?

As she's probably just practicing the fine art of trolling, I offer this link to the finest Althouse fashions!


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