Thursday, October 13, 2005

Chef Pete is cooking

Email received from Marisol Restaurant. Good freakin' lord, this sounds good. Let's see, if I left Atlanta by 1pm I'd easily be in New Orleans by dinner time:

Chef Pete at Toute de Suite

Marisol won't be able to re-open for a
looooooooooong time, but! You can have your fix of
Chef Pete's fine cuisine this Friday, October 14 at the
TOUTE DE SUITE Coffee Shop, 347 Verret Street in
Algiers Point. The phone number is 362-2264.

Folks, this is a NEW event for this small coffee
shop...never before have they offered dinner service
with a "fine dining" menu, so PLEASE be patient.

Toute de Suite is an Algiers Point favorite. They
offer friendly, casual service, coffee, sandwiches,
pastries, and THIS WEEKEND fine foods from Chef

If you love it, chef Pete will be back with more
delicious ethnic cuisine on Saturday, October 15.

Stay tuned for "Chef Pete at Large" as he inhabits
different venues all over New Orleans. Watch your e-
mail for a location near you!!!!!

Around the World in Algiers Point
October 14, 05
6pm until ???
347 Verret
New Orleans, Louisiana 70114

FREE neighborhood street parking!

Chef Petes's Friday Night Menu at Toute de Suite

* Tomato, Basil and Parmesan Soup with Extra
Virgin Olive Oil...$4.00

* Thai Green Papaya Salad...$5.25

* Smoked Salmon Cheesecake with Caper and Green
Onion Sour Cream...$6.00

* Crispy Vietnamese Springrolls with Dipping

* Curried Potato Samosas with 2

* Spicy Lamb Vindaloo with Indian Breads and

* Thai Green Curry Chicken with Red Spinach

* Pumpkinseed Crusted Salmon Filet with Roasted
Chile Guacamole and Tomato Vinaigrette...$15.95

* Dulce de Leche Flan...$4.95

* Flourless Chocolate Raspberry Cake...$4.95


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