Thursday, October 06, 2005

15% less enthusiastic about moving to Florida

Python tries to eat alligator. Python explodes. From the Miami Herald:
Mazzotti said a similar scenario could have happened even if the gator were dead because of a quirk of its nervous system. Until a gator's spinal cord is severed and literally stirred into jelly with a special tool, he said, ``a dead alligator gives a remarkably good imitation of being alive. One of the things they do is they move their legs like they're walking. Those claws are pretty sharp. It could tear through the [snake's] skin.''

Mazzotti said it's also plausible the snake scavenged a dead gator. Then time, decay and heat could explain what happened next: a nasty blowout of the snake body.

''You've got a deteriorating carcass, you've got a buildup of gases, you've got sharp claw points . . . ,'' he said.

And Steve adds:
I know I have the absolute worst environmental policies on earth, so it's pointless to tell me that in the comments. I absolutely love knowing there are weird exotic creatures running around loose in Florida. I don't care if they eat the boring creatures that were already here. Screw them; who wants garter snakes and dinky Carolina anoles when you can have cobras, pythons, and all sorts of huge iguanas?

By the way, it's perfectly natural to mix new animals into an ecosystem and let them wreak havoc. There's nothing wrong with it. I can prove it. Secular science tells us human beings are animals. What animals do is right and natural. You wouldn't arrest a hawk for eating a sparrow. So when we turn giant lizards loose in our backyards, it's just one animal helping another animal move to a new habitat. And it's also okay for me to pour used motor oil into the hedge. I'm just a primate treating my habitat as I see fit.


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