Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lost: Season 2, Episode 2

From a TWOP comment:
And Locke remembered the rule from Ghostbusters: “Ray, when someone asks if you're a God, you say "Yes"!”

Thoughts on last night’s episode:
  1. Desmond is not responsible for everyone being on the island.
  2. Desmond did not know Jack was on the island and I'm not sure he even recognized Jack.
  3. Desmond expects everyone outside the hatch to be sick and dying and he's surprised civilization still exists.
  4. Looks like the backenders have had a rough time on their end of the island.
  5. When the guy you presumed drowned runs down the beach screaming and his hands are tied behind his back - that is not a good time to sit down and swap recipes. Pick his ass up and start running.

Half-assed guesses:
  • The race around the world remark was real and Desmond is also marooned on the island?
  • But how did he then get in the shelter?
  • He was left there as part of a group or deprivation experiment?
  • The quarantine thing is a scam to keep Desmond from leaving.
  • Desmond doesn't know why he has to enter the numbers, just that he does.
  • The numbers are a sign to the observers that Desmond is still alive and functioning.
  • Desmond knows nothing.
  • The Others are also marooned. But what about the unseaworthy boat they have? Don't know.
  • Both ends of the plane will spend the rest of the season trying to integrate and fight off the others. Battle royale to end the season, killing off the others and saving Walt.
  • Still won't know who the others are or why anyone is on the island.


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