Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dinner in Metarie

In this morning's email.

I'd been trying to plan a trip to New Orleans to eat at Marisol. That trip has been delayed but good to know that Chef Pete is still up and running and that Marisol may one day be open for business.

Marisol is still Closed: Vega Tapas Cafe is Open!
This is the "Great News" part of the story

Dear Friend

Thank you so very much for all your supportive and
cheerful e-mails. Despite your best wishes, Marisol is
still CLOSED! We have no electricity or clean, running
water in our restaurant.

We do have great news for you, though. Vega Tapas
Cafe, owned and operated by Glen Hogh (our good
friend and former maitre d') will re-open on
Thursday! Please keep reading for all the


Janis Vazquez

Visit Vega Tapas Cafe website -

Vega Tapas Cafe Grand Re-Opening!

What does "Vega" mean? It means "Wind" in
Spanish! Even Hurricane Katrina, the biggest wind
ever, can't take the wind from Glen Hogh's sails.

Vega Tapas Cafe re-opens on Thursday, September
29 at 5:30 pm. Chef Michael Hampton is in the
kitchen as usual creating all the small Mediterranean
plates that Vega is known for.

Your wonderful host, Glen Hogh, will be making sure
that everything goes smoothly everywhere. And I,
Janis Vazquez, will be behind the bar making big
drinks to calm your storm-shattered nerves.

Vega Tapas Cafe Re-Opening
Thursday, September 29, 2005
5:30pm - 9:30pm
2051 Metairie Road

About Vega Tapas Cafe

* FREE parking out front & in the lot across the

* Vega offers catering

* Big wine list and a sexy, stylish bar with all your
favorite cocktails

Call Vega Tapas Cafe

Call Glen Hogh at 836-2007. Vega Tapas will be open
this week on Thursday, Friday & Saturday from
5:30pm - 9:30pm. Glen expects the schedule to
change as post-hurricane conditions improve.

Here's the "Great Deals" part of the story

Now through October 31, you may redeem any
Marisol Birthday Card or any Marisol Newsletter Dining
Certificate at Vega Tapas Cafe for one-half of its
face value!

Or, you may print this e-mail and fill in the following
information to receive $5 off any purchase now thru
October 31:

CITY& STATE_________________________________
ZIP CODE_______________

Offer Expires: October 31, 2005


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