Monday, October 24, 2005

Poorly conceived corporate events

What were these people thinking? Two of the three listed below are actual events presented by various human resource groups (not the same company). Fraught with unfortunate hidden subtext or just plain cluelessness, I ask two questions:
  1. Which is the fake event?
  2. Which is the most insulting?

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!
Three days of financial seminars (Strategies for Debt Consolidation and Improving your Credit), followed by a craft fair. Order your tamales early!

Hamburgers for the Heart
A hamburger and hotdog cookout to benefit the American Heart Association. Free ice cream with every ticket!

Carnival for Health
Raise your awareness for healthy living at the Health Carnival. Stop by the Diabetes booth and pick up the children’s goodie bag including pixie sticks and cotton candy!


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