Monday, October 17, 2005

Email from Apple

Well, they say complete, but I wonder. Apple also said they had the complete Frank Zappa catalog but were missing Joe's Garage. Still, I'll probably pick up a couple. I have an ancient Little Stevie Wonder vinyl with his rendition of the Tennessee Ernie Ford classic 16 Tons. Found on the 1966 album, Down to Earth, Sixteen Tons is a fine song and Wonder is a fine singer; however, these two should never have been paired. At least not at the young age of 17.
5. Signed, Sealed, and Delivered...

He's yours. Stevie Wonder, that is.

With The Complete Stevie Wonder--now available exclusively from the iTunes Music Store for just $189--you can add all of the great one's music. The digital box set comes with over 500 songs, including such chartbusting tunes as "Fingertips, Pt.2," "For Once in My Life,"
"You Are the Sunshine of My Life," "I Was Made to Love Her," and all of your other favorite Stevie Wonder tunes. It also includes rare and previously unreleased material you'll find only on the iTunes Music Store.

Video, too. In fact, in addition to a full-color digital booklet, you'll enjoy the three bonus videos that come with The Complete Stevie Wonder. Buy it today with just a single click.


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