Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lost: Season2, Episode 4

Forgetting this is a TV show, for a moment…these are some uninquisitive survivors. Just the other day they thought they were under threat from “The Others” and part of the group is disappearing into the jungle to check out “the hatch.” Other than a couple people, no one’s interested. They’re just hanging out on the beach, working on their tan. Hey, no worries - there’s a fresh water supply, plenty of fruit, and the freaky bald guy will kill us a pig once in a while. Life is good.

If this was a real situation, I suspect Sayid and Locke would emerge as the leaders and everything would be organized and all would have tasks to keep them busy and prepare for survival. Jack would be made to sit quietly in his first aid tent waiting to fix boo-boos.

back to the show
Who doesn’t love Hurley?

Ok, an episode to catch our breath. I think we’ll see our first group of survivors have it fairly easy for awhile. Should be some conflict with the A-team not divulging enough information. Probably some leadership struggles, but overall not much in the way of change - numbers still get entered.

Jin, Michael, and Sawyer - OK, they’ve been captured by the survivors from the rear of the plane. And the rearenders have gone native. Turns out, they also have found a Dharma station. Did they say ther were 30 something survivors and now only 7 are left? That’s about it.

Oh, for people struggling to survive, that’s a damn big hole they dug.

Now, to the questions. First, let me state that I try to avoid all spoilers and don’t even watch the “on next week’s show” teasers. So, if some of this has been hinted at, I haven’t seen it. I’m trying to watch the show in a pure state and work out the clues only by what is shown during the show.

  • Rearenders are in the second Dharma station. Last week’s film strip mentioned six. Are all six on the island? I’m guessing yes.
  • Second station - I didn’t catch it, but were any of these people station monitors (like Desmond), or just survivors?
  • Is Desmond gone? I’m still leaning towards his story of crashing on the island being true. If so, we should see him again.
  • As pointed out at Throwing Things Hurley’s chicken shack boss was also Locke’s bozz at the box factory. And Hurley probably owned the box factory.
  • Does Locke know Hurley was the factory owner? Is this why he calls him Hugo? Not really relevant to the plot, but for character development it would be interesting if Locke was the only one who knew Hurley was worth 156 million.
  • Ah, but what would Locke think if Hurley told him the story of the numbers?
  • Yeah, I expected Rose’s husband to be black. Oops, stupid assumptions. At least I didn’t think it was guy throwing the raftlings down the hole.
  • Sayid will make some progress towards getting around that wall. What’s back there will probably be a big reveal. Possibly season-ending cliffhanger.
  • Let’s recap who is on the island. I think we say safely say three main groups with a couple wild cards running around:
    1. Front of the plane survivors - about 40
    2. Back of the plane survivors - down to 7 from 36?
    3. Rousseau. Crazy lady still loose on the island.
    4. Desmond. Assumed in hiding. I’ll presume to either be captured by The Others or to be revealed as part of the expirement.
    5. Deliverance boat people. Assuming they’re on the island. Are they The Others? I’m saying yes
    6. The Others. If they exist. Like the previous point, I’m saying they exist and they’re the boat people.

edited to add, these two sites also have good Lost conversations:


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