Monday, November 28, 2005

Book of Imaginary Beings

Wonderful book by Jorge Luis Borges. And, The Book of Imaginary Beings is a very web-like book, as can be seen in this">wonderful project (update: May 2, 2006, the project has moved to the University of Iowa September 17, 2008: realized it's moved again and is now at Pittsburgh):
The complete series of illustrations for The Book of Imaginary Beings was done by the graduate students in the Department of Illustration and Art of the Book at the Vakalo School of Art and Design in Athens, Greece. The project was carried out under the Art Direction of Hector Haralambous and Dimitris Kritsotakis and started with a few selected students. As it went on many more students insisted that they had fallen in love with the theme of the book and that they would like to do it as well.

It was so successful that it ended with the completion of 20 original series of illustrations of 150 - 200 drawings each. The best drawings were designed by Costas Koutsoukos. George Mastrandonis, lecturer of Web Design at the Digital Design Workshop of Vakalo School of Art and Design, and his students designed a web site for The Book of Imaginary Beings, a site that contains not only these illustrations but also the complete text of the book as well as a "search" feature that has been deployed extending the site's research usability

Now there is a new hardcover book with beautiful illustrations:


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hello, this project has now moved to



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