Wednesday, November 09, 2005

iTunes Tournament of 64, Round 4

Round 4! Let's kill off four more songs and we're finally at the final 4! I am never doing this again. I am also all out of comments and will just a song and think of something to say for the finale.

To recap:

  1. Popular (Kristin Chenoweth) vs Till I Whisper U Something (Sinead O'Connor)
  2. I Hear the Bells (Mike Doughty) vs Every Little Bit Hurts (Charles Brown)
  3. Never Like This Before (Peter Wolf) vs Living Loving Maid - She's Just a Woman (Dread Zeppelin)
  4. Rainbow Connection (Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) vs Hamlet (John Wesley Harding). I highly recommend listening to Hamlet. It's 4 minute recap Shakespeare as written by Adam MacNaughton. I'll point you towards the lyrics and provide a small excerpt:
    I've been killed and it's your duty to take revenge on Claudius.
    Kill him quick and clean and tell the Nation what a fraud he is."
    The boy says "Right, I'll do it but I'll need to play it crafty
    And so's naeone will suspect me I'll kid on that I'm a daftie."


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