Wednesday, December 21, 2005

And Apple shall rule the world

Brian Tiemann, my go to site for all things new in world of Apple, points to some interesting Mac speculation.

Red Sweater thinks the Intel Macs may drive Dell out of business:
A much under-discussed aspect of the new Intel Macs is that, as far as I have been able to glean, Apple has no plans to restrict the ability of users to install Windows on the machines. And why would they? That’s the secret weapon! In the market for a new laptop? Has to run Windows? Why buy a Dell when you can buy a Powerbook with all the same abilities, a sexier design, and the added bonus of being capable of running Mac OS X? Apple is about start selling PCs, and the slightest bit of marketing or consumer word-of-mouth about this fact should ignite a huge increase in hardware sales for Apple at the expense of other Intel-based computer manufacturers.
When Apple releases their first Intel-based computer, it will also be the first computer in history that has the ability to triple-boot Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, all with full performance and compatibility. When the computer maker whose designs have been the envy of the technology world for decades suddenly becomes the most compatible player on the block (Apple!?), you’re looking at a dangerous combination.

Brian is a little less optimistic:
The only unknown here is cost, and a Mac with Windows would certainly cost significantly more than a comparable Dell. Most people surely wouldn't have any reason to spend that money, just to get access to the Mac universe, regardless of how sanguine Jalkut is on the subject. But people within the tech industry would find it hard to resist.

Could this have been a factor in Apple's decision to go Intel? I kinda doubt it; but it would be a nice side effect, to be sure.


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