Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What you don't expect to read about a Tom Arnold movie

From Roger Ebert, as he reviews The Kid and I:
Didn't the Italian neo-realists teach us that everyone has one role he can play perfectly, and that role is himself?

Interesting sounding movie, and one I'll try to see. Having said that, I'll also say I've always kind of liked Tom Arnold. He plays to an oblivious hamminess that's enjoyable to watch. He's gotten a lot of crap for only being famous because of Rosanne Barr, but his work can stand on his own. If the Jackie Thomas Show came out now, it would be favorably compared to the Larry Sanders Show.

What also helps is that I was aware of Tom Arnold before he Rosanne Barr. He was a minor Minneapolis comic and most of his act consisted of him eating goldfish. To help pay the bills he worked at a local pizza chain (Davanni's and practiced his standup over the intercom.

So, Tom Arnold - good for you.

Update: He has a biography! Follow that link to Amazon and search inside the book for "goldfish." He discusses his act on page 64.


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