Monday, January 09, 2006

Cardboard, the miracle substance

Wherein I regale the exploits of a wonderful father

I've joked that most toys are wasted on small children. Up until about the age of two, a child will be just as happy with a cardboard box and a wooden spoon as with anything else you could buy. Another use for cardboard was demo'ed Sunday and I'd call it a successful test.

The school and park across the street from us has a wonderful hill I'd previously scoped out for sledding. One section is mildly steep, and with proper grooming and packing should yield about a 150 foot run. Down the line, the hill gets shorter and steeper. Maybe just 50-60 feet, but it's all speed and would be perfect to add a bump or ramp at the end to grab some air and separate a few collarbones.

Assuming we ever get any snow. Which we really haven't for a couple years. Tired of waiting, I'd noticed the steep section had a nice covering of pine needles. That should do, now I just need something to slide on. Taking the giant Hickory Farms care package from the dining room table I cut off the top. Grabbed the Girl and told her "we're going sledding." Hour later - covered with dirt, scratches, and bruises, we limp home happy and tired. I still need to find a couple flexy fliers just in case we do get snow, but until then a hill covered with pine needles is almost as good as packed snow.


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