Monday, January 16, 2006

Damn kids, get off my lawn

Wherein I again recognize my age is like cryptonite to marketing

Clearly aligning himself with 12-year-old girls, Bill Gates dances with Justin Timberlake in announcing URGE, a new service to compete with iTunes.

I believe the following slashdot comment speaks for most of us:

Geez...just the mention of him appearing with Justin Timberlake just killed any idea of quality and usefulness I might have had thought of concerning this service...

Right. Because the service is clearly aimed at all of us listening to the King Crimson Oggs we ripped from vinyl and now play through our home-modded toaster ovens that we've set up to stealthily leech bandwidth from the Starbucks upstairs in the commercial space above the studio apartment we've converted from the freight elevator,

Face it, d00d. We are so not Chairman Bill's target audience for this product. I don't even think I could pick Justin Timberlake out of a police line-up.


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