Monday, January 09, 2006

Shrinking Kyl

More Alito shrinkage

Using MS Word to summarize Jon Kyl's (R-AZ) opening statement:
Welcome, Judge Alito, to your confirmation hearing. Arizonians are deeply proud of Justice O’Connor’s service to this country. You would also be the first Supreme Court justice to have served in the Army reserve since Justice Frank Murphy did so during World War II. Justice Souter had a distinguished career as a state prosecutor, but no justice sitting justice has served as a federal prosecutor. Like Chief Justice Roberts, you served in the Solicitor General’s Office representing our government before the Supreme Court. Similarly, Justice Thomas served Presidents Reagan and Bush in political legal capacities, and Justice Breyer also worked in political jobs, both in President Johnson’s Justice Department and as a lawyer to this committee. Justice Kennedy was only 38 when nominated to the 9th Circuit, and Justice Breyer only 42 when nominated to the 1st Circuit. In light of the chief justice’s confirmation hearings and Justice Ginsburg’s later remarks, I ask my colleagues for basic fair play.

Judges should not. Congratulations, Judge Alito, on your nomination.


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