Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey, I know one of these guys

Wherein here's a sport that should be in the Olympics but won't be because (1) it doesn't rely on gravity like a fat man on a sled, i.e. bobsledding (2) No sequins - toe pick!

Ever heard of Bandy? It's played on a sheet of ice about the size of a soccer field. Players use rounded sticks and hit a ball. No checking allowed and the goal is about the size of a soccer goal. Fun to watch, but due to the ice requirements, not available in too many places.

I once worked with a guy that played on the US national team (then and now, mostly Minnesotans) and he even spent a few winters playing professionally in Sweden or Finland. I was kind of surprised to see he was still on the national team.

The men's team just competed in the World Championships and won the B-Pool. Unfortunately, they lost the next game, which would have qualified them for next year's A-Pool.

The Women's World Championships are currently taking place in Roseville, MN though Saturday.


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