Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well said

Wherein I read another story of school administration misconduct

A six-year-old boy is suspended for sexual harassment. RIA comments:
Could it be that the boy was just reaching for her to get her attention, and that there was no so-called sexual (or gender-based) content at all? Let's say he actually engaged in a quick waist-band snap: I still think it's quite a leap to assume any sexual content there, or even any intent to harass, much less actual harassment. Have we lost all sense of proportion, as well as our minds? A three-day suspension with details passed to the D.A.?

Add this to the list of stories demonstrating that schools have forfeited their ability to think; read examples of zero tolerance laws; more.

My daughter came home one day asking that mom make her a "marry dress" because when she got "bigger and bigger" she was going to "marry the boy Peyton." AS distinct from the girl Peyton she might hold hands with during story time. Obviously this daycare is a hotbed of sexual deviancy and I should call the cops.

Update: Pastor Jeff


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