Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Who is a scriptwriter who has never been in my kitchen?

Wherein I find this tidbit more interesting than the game itself

Thanks to Toobworld, here is a link to the lost Cheers episode.

From Ken Levine:
My partner, David Isaacs and I wrote it, it was seen by EIGHTY MILLION people, (almost double the audience of the final episode of CHEERS)…

then never shown again..

I’m not even sure if a copy of the film still exists. For the first time in 23 years, here’s the lost script of that scene.

Backstory: People forget but Cheers wasn’t always an enormous hit. The first season’s ratings (1982-83) were terrible…as in “dead last”. In today’s world both UPN and Univision would kick our ass. In an effort to get better exposure NBC asked if we’d do a special scene to be aired sometime during the Superbowl pre game show. Pete Axthelm, the distinguished sports columnist for Newsweek and gambling tout for the Peacock agreed to appear. David and I banged out the scene. NBC aired it…right before kick-off. Talk about a good time slot.

Enjoy, trivia buffs:

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