Monday, April 24, 2006

Don't disrepect the pig

Wherein I redirect you

Have I mentioned I'm an occassional contributor at Begging To Differ? Well, I am. If it matters, most of them seem to be a bunch Dookies.

I just posted Pink is Good, a little rundown on barbeque in North Carolina and an idiot who doesn't understand cooking.

If I wasn't an idiot, I would've titled it "Pretty in Pink" because classic pop culture references always rock. out. man. Geez, I'm feeling particularly uninspired today. What this blog needs is more Neal Stephenson excerpts, because my TTLB ranking isn't plummeting fast enough.

Possible future topics that I probably won't get around to:
  • Demonstrating a product for QVC
  • The lumberjack workout; or, if if you still have all ten toes you're not trying hard enough
  • Why are people talking on cell phones when using the sh*tter in a public restroom? Could there be a more disgusting noise if you're on the other end?
  • Two doors, people—use them. Don't stand there like a lazy ass holding up traffic because you think I'll hold the door open for you. This ain't England, so enter on the right.
  • Do not use two spaces after a period. That's an artifact from the typewriter age, so just stop.
  • I prefer the serial comma before the conjunction. A series without one just looks wrong.
  • I've always been fond of Palatino.
  • What to do about another blog I've read for a long time, but find it increasingly tiresome because of one commenter who has achieved a level of popularity, with other commenters AND the blog owner, yet I've always found rude and shrill?


Anonymous Amy said...

The cell phone talking in the ladies room is an epdemic in this office building. I want to snatch their cell phones from them and flush them away.

The womenfolk also like to spray cheap potpourri air freshener when having a bowel movement. Because nothing says "My sh*t don't stink" like the smell of dollar store air freshener tainted sh*t.

4/25/2006 07:46:00 AM  

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