Friday, July 28, 2006

More Floyd Landis

Wherein so far I like his approach

Floyd Landis held a teleconference on Thursday. Outside Magazine has the transcript. Excerpt:
Q: I heard that if you drink beer along with cortisone that it can somehow lead to this abnormal testosterone reading. Have you heard this?
Landis: I have heard a lot of things because that is the subject right now. But, I am trying to be careful not to jump to any conclusions. I would like to hear things from experts who know exactly what they are talking about and not just speculation. I need to be careful not to jump to any conclusions, but there must be an explanation. I don't know if we will ever get an explanation because what I need to do now is to try to prove that there are variations in my testosterone and epitestosterone levels which are out of the ordinary.
As to what actually caused it on that particular day I can only speculate because when you race your bicycle every day I don't know exactly what happens.

From the TDFBlog is a link to Free Floyd Landis. Created by an anonymous someone who seems to have a lot of information on testosterone testing. Interesting stuff, but I'm being reading skeptically and awaiting confirmation from other sources:
And the word is that Landis' sample A was not tested using IRMS. In other words, this positive test result borders on slander and neglect. It is a disgrace that the UCI would not perform an IRMS test on sample A. Disgraceful, utterly. they have a definitive test at their disposal. Why not do it in the first place?

Friday, Landis held a news conference from Madrid, see velonews. I'm not finding a transcript from today's conference. From ABC News:
"I would like to make absolutely clear that I am not in any doping process," said Landis, wearing a baseball cap turned backward and a white shirt with the name of his Phonak team. "I ask not to be judged by anyone, much less sentenced by anyone."

He'll be on Larry King tonight. Not even that will get me to watch his show. Update: So I watched the show and while this isn't exactly a news flash Larry King is an idiot. I swear there were 3-5 occasions I thought Landis was about to laugh out loud. Larry was pushing the anti-American angle, called Landis a "race driver" at least once, but my favorite question had to be "So I hear you were drinking the night before. What's that going to do?" Sounded like he was calling Floyd a drunk


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