Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nomination for most worthless conversation of the month

Wherein Seattle's Best will be reopening in the local Barnes and Noble next month so I'm good...though they are now owned by Starbucks, who then closed almost every free-standing store a couple years ago...and I'm still bitter...but not as bitter as the overroasted swill Starbucks sells

Starbucks Gossip, run by Jim Romenesko, should probably be in the running for a lifetime achievement award for "most inconsequential website." It transcends normal customer bitching and carping and enters a weird dimenson of Starbucks frequent customers who actively hate Starbucks, Starbucks sycophants, and throw in a steady dose of Starbucks empoyees who actively hate the customer.

This all culminates in a post with 111 (at this writing) comments. The topic? The writer gets what he ordered, but the assistant manager is oddly hostile.
ME to an assistant manager I'm told is Natalie: "A tall Sumatra for here."
NATALIE: "That's a grande."
ME: "I asked for a tall."
Natalie then took the cup, turned around to the sink behind her and dumped about two-ounces of coffee into the sink and handed me -- a regular customer who pays with a Starbucks card -- the cup.


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