Thursday, August 17, 2006

Patrice Pike: Kiss Me Baby

Wherein this concerns RockStar the summer diversion

Other than Dilana, my other consistent favorite has been Patrice Pike. She can obviously sing, but doesn't get the votes and receives plenty of criticism. This, as opposed to Storm Large, who is one of the favorites and whose appeal I've never understood. I don't think Storm is that great of a singer and I picture her being more comfortable with the American Idol format. Besides, Patrice is so much cuter than than Storm. Idiots keep complaining about Patrice smiling...seriously, what the fuck is that about? It's a great smile.

Not that winning Rockstar would do any of these guys and gals any good. The Supernova song just sounded like warmed over 70s crap heavily cribbed from T. Rex.

So I went looking for some of Patrice's past performances to see if I was missing anything. I don't think so. Check these out:

Then you can listen to songs from her old band Sister7. And there's a CD at CD Baby.

Getting back to YouTube I found proof that Patrice may be the best singer on this year's RockStar. Looks like it's from the CD Patrice Pike Live at the Brushwood Lounge; yeah, I will be buying this CD. I could listen to Kiss Me Baby all day long. I think I've already pulled a neck muscle bobbing along while typing this up.

Heh, it's at iTunes. Consider this purchased and downloaded.


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