Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rockstar: Aug 8

Wherein ten are left

Last week Dana was sent home. Not a surprise. The only real surprise was that Zayra wasn't in the bottom three.

Other reviews and comments:

The performances this week were probably the best of the competition. A solid set of songs sung well. Except for two; but I'll get to them.

Dilana, Won't Get Fooled Again. I was looking forward to this, but gotta say I was slightly disappointed. It was a good performance, not great and I expect great from Dilana. Seemed to lack a little energy and she was heading in a southern rock direction. Still, if this was her off week, the performance was still better than most of what the others have done.

Jill, Mother, Mother. Not bad, almost sold it. Jason was correct-she lost energy running around the stage. One of her best, but I'm losing faith in her and she's obviously not going to win. For an interesting comparison, go to Dilanarox, click Discography, select Mother Mother and listen to Dilana's version. That's the way to do it.

Ryan, Paint it Black. A suckfest of infinite suckitude. last week I said of his "Losing My Religion": an emotionally overwrought ball of cheese and Ryan's performance reminded me of Dana Carvey singing Chopping Broccoli. This was worse. This was a pretentious theater geek wet dream of what a rock and roll performance should be. Easily the worst of the night. Not even Zayra has been this bad and at least she's a slightly interesting trainwreck.

Storm, We Are the Champion. I've mostly been annoyed by Storm. Not much she's done has worked for me. This did. Kept the theatrics down and sang. Very solid.

Zayra, All the Young Dudes. What I imagine cats shoved through a wood chipper would sound like. I think she's getting worse each week and The Wife says "Just go shoot the horse."

Josh, Interstate Love Song. It was definately ok. Playing the guitar kept the annoying tics down to a manageable level.

Magni, The Dolphins Cry. Solo on guitar, that was a great performance. I like Magni--good voice, nice stage presence--and he's definately showing improvement and growing.

Patrice, Instant Karma. There's just something about Patrice I enjoy. Cute smile, hints of a great voice, just hasn't had a breakout performance. This was close. Loved the arrangement. Reminds me a little of Cheryl Crow and I don't mean that in a bad way. A god singer that doesn't fit with the band.

Lukas, Creep. Not a Lukas fan, but he hit this one well. Kinda lost it on the high notes and I don't know about the spaz attack stage boogie towards the end.

Toby, Burning Down the Edge. Just a giddy, slightly spastic (this time in a good way) performance that I was totally buying...until the megaphone. Sucked the energy out of the room. Damn, that was a wasted opportunity.

Best of the night
  1. Magni
  2. Patrice
  3. Lukas

Worst of the night
  1. Ryan
  2. Zayra
  3. Toby. Could have been best song until he picked up the megaphone

Bottom three
Discussed this during the commercial break and our picks matched the early voting.
  1. Jill
  2. Zayra
  3. Patrice

Patrice just isn't pulling the votes, Zayra is just bad, and Supernova obviously has problems with Jill. Jill goes home this week.


Blogger Philip said...

I've gotta say that I like Patrice, but she doesn't seem that broad. I want her to kick ass, but it seems like she's hit her peak.
I do agree with the theater geek thing about Ryan, but I think he's gotten better as the weeks have gone on.
I wish they would kick Jill off before Zayra. I'll put up with Zayra because of her outfits (she looks good muted), but I can't take much more of Jill's banshee shrieking. If she's trying to be like Janis Joplin, she needs to start over because she completely missed the mark.

I actually like Storm (maybe I'm biased after seeing the nude pics). I've always enjoyed her performances. I like how she can be wild one song and more vocal on others.

I think that Dilana is running away with this show.

Thanks for stopping by

8/09/2006 02:05:00 PM  

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