Saturday, August 05, 2006

Silly rabbit

Wherein try my product

Silly rabbit/trix are for kids now just reminds me of Tarantino's Kill Bill. Two/(one?) movie(s) that surprised me by how much I enjoy them. Interesting how Vol 2 is the least bloodiest of the two, yet feels more violent. How cool would it have been if, when The Bride entered the House of Blue Leaves, she yelled out to O-Ren:
Hello, my name is [beeeeep]. You killed my fianceƩ . Prepare to die.

I probably would have peed my pants.

Jaime finds a Trix commercial from 1964:
I've always found it amusing that even though the commercials are clearly set up with the expectation that we'll identify with the kids -- they are, after all, the same age as the target audience, and the rabbit is their antagonist -- the one constant of audience reaction to those commercials is that audiences hate those kids. I mean, really hate those kids. They are cruel little monsters and greedy pigs, and real kids always identify with the rabbit instead.


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