Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Snobby monkey music quizzes

Wherein the only incorrect answers are those you disagree with

snobby music quiz:
I'll pick I Often Dream of Trains for #6 and profess mostly indifference towards the others.

Extra snobby music quiz:
  1. I love the Propaganda single The Nine Lives of Dr. Mabuse and for a Trevor Horn-produced album I chose ABC's Lexicon of Love.
  2. Thought I'd pass on this one, but discovered David J. Haskins played bass on two Jazz Butcher albums, so Scandal in Bohemia.
  3. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes Have a Ball
  4. I'll pass.
  5. As it's the only one we own, Key Lime Pie by default.
  6. Didn't recognize the name, but Robert Fripp has some good work.
  7. Not really a follower of King Crimson, can't do much with questions 6 and 7. I'd probably have to go with something Adrian Belew worked on.
  8. not interested
  9. not interested
  10. I'm sure there's something good here: He also became a sought-after session player and producer, writing, touring and recording with, among others, Bryan Ferry, The Pretenders, Kirsty MacColl, Talking Heads, Black Grape, Billy Bragg, Pet Shop Boys, Beck and Oasis.

Conclusion: not snobby enough. Am I referring to myself or the quiz? That's an interesting question.


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