Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kentrivia: weak 11

Wherein not mispelled, just a week joke

Last week's #7: What unusual distinction is shared by these eight U.S. cities, and no others? Boston, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Orlando, Salt Lake City, St. Paul, and Tampa.

Unfortunately this is one of those answers that is truly trivial without being interesting: those eight cities host the only North American sports teams whose names don't end with the letter 'S': the Red Sox, White Sox, Avalanche, Heat, Magic, Jazz, Wild, and Lightning, respectively. Snore.

Time for this week's list of missed answers and vague clues.

  1. I had no idea those things had names. The correct answer is not the infield for the Yomiuri Giants, winner of nine consecutive Japan Series championships (1965-1973).
  2. Ooh! I know this, it measures the density of sea anemone in the water! I did get this because I've thought about buying one of these for my kites.
  3. I've read very little Steinbeck, though this does sound interesting.
  4. First name? They even share the same middle initial. Looked it up, no points.
  5. I don't remember seeing Hurley on the flight.
  6. Starzakistan? Checking the Gallery of Flags with Stars, my eyes glazed over and my forehead hit the keyboard. Whatever, moving on.
  7. Might have something to do with album covers. Fascinating that Ken Jennings is listening to this. Find what that has in come with Paula Abdul, Iggy Pop, and a few others and you'll have this week's big answer.

This week's result: two correct. Weak.


Blogger bill said...

HA! just realized I accidently misspelled "mispelled." Classic.

9/12/2006 11:12:00 AM  
Blogger XWL said...

I knew #1 and #2, and knew #6, but blanked and guessed the wrong country mostly south of the equator (hint, it's the biggest one and the arrangement of stars isn't typical for a flag).

#7 was easy, all those albums lacked sufficient cowbell!!

I join you in 2 of 7 territory, all because I hate Steinbeck novels (though I like his short stories, go figure) and guessed the Jon and John from Arizona on the Senators question.

(Plus I should have come up with the plane, but I'm just trying to block Lost out of all thought right now, I think they jumped the shark when they actually had the Dharma tattooed shark in one scene)

Should have gone 6 of 7 this week (assuming the cowbell thing is wrong).

9/12/2006 04:31:00 PM  

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