Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On appeal, the Pythagorean theorem was upheld

Wherein a large portion of people I was in line with were obviously in the early stages of their ESL classes, so there's a problem when the graphic disagrees with the text

From the Georgia DDS, it's the Motorcycle Operator Manual. It is published by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and they provide manuals and training courses for just about every state.

Turn to page twenty and review the parking directions:

Let's review our angles. Unfortunately, this came up on neither the written nor the road test, so I was not able to pedantically argue this to the point of arrest.

Almost as bad is the section title on page 21, Increasing Conspicuity. I know what they're saying, and it's clear by the context, but what an awful word. It has its place, though considering the reading levels of these manuals I'd think using visibility would be a better choice.


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