Thursday, October 05, 2006

Escapist television at its best

Wherein I vote for someone punching Jack in every episode

A return to Lost blogging! The Season 2 finale left me flat and disappointed. Mostly over the handling of Michael; the show will have to deal with that in some way. Then the Season 3 premiere cleverly references the Season 2 premiere and I'm hooked again. We're almost 60 hours into this show and I have no idea what's going on. Nor do I care. Predictions and speculations are a sucker's game with this show. Almost everything I predicted for last season was sensationally wrong, so this year I'm just watching for the shear enjoyment of it all. Just an FYI, I have no plans for regular Lost updates. I'll probably drop comments at the usual places, but if stopping by for extended recaps, that's not my plan. Doesn't mean I won't, just saying I want to enjoy the show without the distraction of taking notes.


Juliet did not admit to being part of the Dharma group when Jack asked. I believe her response was a clever nonresponsive "That was a long time ago."

Also, we don't know that she had an autopsy report. I am trying to remember what she said, but don't think she mentioned anything about Jack that could not have been learned from monitoring the Losties or just intelligently intuiting from a captive at the end of his rope/chain. Then there's the fact Jack and the others were unconscious for a period of time, when some sort of interrogation could have taken place. Safe to assume (actually, with this show, it isn't safe to assume anything) that Jack, Sawyer, and Kate, are being emotionally and physically manipulated. Why?

Who are these people? Why do they seem so peaceful, at times, yet have demonstrated no fear of violence or killing? The show has pretty much shown that the plane crash was accidental and any connection between characters and the island is purely coincidental. Are "the others" psychotic refugees from the failed Dharma experiment who default to torturing people? Are they normal people who have created a safe zone on an insane island and outsiders must be tested before being allowed admittance? Do we know there is contact with the outside world or have we seen just enough to think that?

What happens when Sayid, Jin, and Sun show up? When Hurley gets back to camp? Is this the only group on the island. What's up with Desmond's girlfriend and the arctic monitoring facility? Have we met everyone on the island?


Blogger NSpector said...

Hi, Bill. I was going thru old posts on The House Next Door and smiled when I read your mention of Breaking Away. I was pretty young when that came out, but it had such an impression on me. No idea how it would hold up now.

Then I came to your blog and saw that you wrote about Lost. I can't really respond to what you wrote cause I stopped watching the show near the beginning of season two. But I wrote a comment on The House Next Door about my frustrations with Lost. At the moment, it's the second article -- the one about the premiere, if you haven't read it. I really like the site, but I find often if I'm a little late to post a comment (as in a day), that it just sits there forever with no more responses. Please ignore the embarrassing typos if you do look at it.


Nomi (NSpector, Spector's my middle name)

10/07/2006 05:46:00 AM  
Blogger Pooh said...

I am concerned by the season 3 premi - they seem in danger of an X-Files-ish story sprawl, if that makes sense. PLus I hate Jack, and hate, hate HATE Jack flashback episodes (but at least Michael is no longer around, Jack is now the worst by default...) I want me some Mr. Eko and I want it now...

10/10/2006 03:13:00 PM  

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